About Us

Monsta Flyff is a Flyff Private server, its purpose is to provide people with a fun and enjoyabe gaming experience!
Founded on May 20, 2024, by a group of passionate flyff players with a keen eye for balance and originality.

Phone Number

+0989 7876 9865 9
+(090) 8765 86543 85

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Game Features

Chaos Arena Challenge

Enter a Monsters arena with other players competing against monsters and statues and  players for a chance to loot exclusive items and to boost their character through exclusive buffs. This system runs every 3 hours and offers a great opportunity to enjoy top of the line PvE activity.

Guardian Skills

Through this skills you will be able to active your very own guardian to help you with your Journey. Each class has its own unique guardians to help them get stronger. A summoning skill is needed to summon your very own guardian. Exciting, isn't it?

Tower Defense, Guild Sieges & Player Siege

You can join the Siege everyday. Fight against rival guilds and get an entry ticket to Join the Montly Siege Tournament. Player Siege is also a fun and competitive way to enhance your skills.

Class War

Class War is the new players vs Players war strategic game mechanics. In Class War, you are a collective entity: compete with players with the same class. You’ll fight for social dominance in an unstable constitutional democracy. We currently have, Billposters vs Billposters (BP wars), Blade vs Blade (Blade Wars) & Mages vs Mages (Mage War). Class War is a battle of dominance.

Crafting System

Craft all the heroic, chaotic, adorable and most powerful items in-game. We have tons of items available in-game to obtain.

Collectible Items

We have hundreds of collectible headgears including custom ones that you might have never seen before. All of these can be acquired via different means on our server, such as crafting, battle Pass, pvp, battlegrounds and more!

Sleek User Interface

We have a unique User Interface just for you. Simplicity is Key: We Keep it simple! Less is often more in UI design. Clear layouts, intuitive navigation, and minimalistic designs make things easy for players.

Dungeon Hunting

You can obtain all the items you need to compete without spending a cent by joining the Dungeon Hunt with your Party and Guild members.  Make sure that you have enough Gear Score and equipment before entering the Dungeon. You can obtain recipes, red chips and Penya. They are valuable in our server and can be used to purchase most items.

Monsta Hunt

You can only use this system once you activated a Monsta Scroll. Monsta Hunt is a system that assisgns PvE in which you are encouraged to reach a desired amount of kills within a certain amount of time. Killing Monsters is a must to obtain Perins, weapons Gears and more exciting items!

Advanced Teleporter

With our advanced teleporter, you can check all the necessary details about the monsters,drops and regions. Our teleporter is detailed and graphical.

Offline Vendor

Vend your items even if you are offline. With our Offline vendors you can sell your items during your break from your play time and get a higher chance to sell your items to other players.

Player Logs

Game and Player logs including purchases, trades, chats and activities, these are necessary to protect the server from attacks, bugs and suspicious activities. We monitor our server logs every hour for a better gaming experience. We hope to have a fair play time with you all of our players.